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The owner of Atlanta Restorative Massage, Joseph Nichols, attended the prestigious Georgia Massage School in NE metro Atlanta, GA. Graduating in 2012, he has continued his studies with a focus on therapeutic massage for relief of chronic pain.


Studies show that chronic pain has both physical and emotional components. True relief comes from a holistic approach to wellness. We therefore also offer both fitness and life coaching, to help those in pain heal, move, and feel better about themselves. 

We believe that true health requires proper diet, plenty of sleep, regular exercise and a preventative approach to medical care. Our partners in wellness are listed on the Resources page. Please visit their websites to gain more information on these trusted, local providers.

By consistently prioritizing self-care,  massage can generate confidence and enhance self-image and self-worth. Everyone who gets a good, therapeutic massage knows it will decrease pain and discomfort, increase mobility and range of motion, and improve the overall quality of life.

Hi, I’m Joseph Nichols, licensed massage therapist and owner of ATL Restorative Massage.

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Krista Flores - Social Media Specialist

  • Event Co-Ordinator, Marketing Assistant

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  • Something interesting

Meet Krista Flores, Marketing & Social Media "Jack of All Trades"

Fun Stuff About Joseph


Joseph Nichols - Massage Therapist, Actor, Life Coach

  • Graduate of Georgia Massage School

  • Acting credits include The Walking Dead, Alvin & The Chipmunks 3, various advertisements and billboards

  • Athlete and Fitness buff

  • Active volunteer for suicide prevention, animal rescue

  • Zumba dancer extraordinaire

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